At U&I Design Group we don’t stop with picking out furniture pieces off of the rack. If what is needed doesn't exist, we will design it for you. We do much of this type of work right in house, but also have excellent craftsmen that are very familiar with our methods and desires; we can make things happen. Very often specific or specialized shapes, dimensions or finishes are required. We have people highly trained in doing just that, and we compare our custom finishes and joinery with anyone’s. The end result is a piece that is completely unique. True custom woodwork.
This unfinished frieze of a low relief victorian scroll was extrapolated from various aspects of a nineteenth century British cast iron pattern. Our resident Technical Artist was able to Create the tooling to provide the exact dimensions needed to complete the mirror, seen below, which we created to enhance a room with contemporaneous elements already installed.We can do this with ANY image.
The above table was built to spec and paint decorated in-house to complement an existing kitchen decorated in an Italianesque style before being mounted on the glazed pedestal (below, right). The colonial style corner mounted oak mantle (below left) and contemporary style bar )below, center) were each designed for specific environments to exacting standards and ruthlessly accurate joinery.