As part of our turnkey service U&I Design Group offers a diverse range of decorative and fine art media to further the uniqueness of your interior design project. Whether the environment requires classical organization, a trompe l’oeil treatment, decorative flourishes, or even allegorical imagery to exemplify a particular value dear to the clients’ heart---we can offer a solution. In addition, artwork properly executed and suitably original will increase one’s pride in and love for one’s home while increasing that home’s value.

“Hammersmith” mural cycle Oil on linen

These are views of a mural suite depicting selected scenes from the old testament. The paintings cover the entire room, from ceiling and gable walls, all the way down to the baseboard moulding. The pieces were composed around existing architectural elements and then executed off-site. Installation was completed in 2002.

Whenever possible, murals are done this way to minimize both expense and inconvenience to the client. Also in this way we are not limited to our own back yard; we can provide service anywhere. Call U&I Design Group for an estimate

“Piano Room” mural   casein on linen with Sculpted borders
“Roman Girls” mural, dyptych, 2002 casein on linen
U&I Design Group will help you choose the ideal medium for your price range and intended space. Portraits by Charles Imbro take on many different forms. Of course the best work will come from a personal sitting, however work can also be done from photographs or personal sittings, so we are not hindered by distance or disposition of the subject.
These unique pieces are part of an open-ended suite that Charles has been developing for years. Perfect especially for a contemporary environment (but perfectly suitable in traditional ones) they are both ennobling and visually striking. We are offering them either as original art, or as high quality Iris Giclee reproductions, sized to suit. Call or email U&I Design Group and let us show you a complete portfolio and price list.
Still Life Paintings by Charles Imbro are his primary means of studying classical oil painting methods. He always attempts to keep the pieces thematically consistent and compositionally interesting.He explores various surfaces and textures, striving for accuracy and his signature color saturation. While intended for rooms designed with a specific end use, we find that they seem to dovetail perfectly into unpredictable places as well. Ask U&I Design Group for a more complete portfolio. Still Lifes, Like Mr. Imbro's landscapes are also available as Iris Giclee Prints, which allows beautiful high quality reproductions at a fraction of the cost of the original.